myMUE 2.0

myMUE Returns - Version 2.0 Is Here.

Ever since xmas myMUE Has suffered a few minor issues that have culminated in a broken platform, The orignal code worked very well till Microsoft decided to make major changes to there .net codebase.

Platform Improvements
  • Vastly improved MSSQL Database management and archiving > 500% more efficent
  • Re worked control engines are about 20% faster and slightly more accurate
  • LiveLog enables admin to watch the program and execution in real time, giving unparalled insights
  • Share Trading Beta - Sell and Buy shares between yourself terms apply
  • New Skin and look - Fresh and light to improve intergration services and feel, user experiance is more important
  • New granular controls for better administration and control

Hey WOW what happened!

Dont panic and welcome back to myMUE you may login with your previous credentials your balances and shares are still there and earned during the maintenance window

I Dont Like It

Bit tuff as we had to change the layout

Any issues

If you have any issues with the new update of mymue get hold of pjcltd in the mue slack channel.