About Stake

software is a highly modular software solution providing crypto coin services, designed to be easy to use manage and install, and provides a huge range of modules and options, keep reading to view more about the many features from

Stake Pool PoS Community Pools

Masternode Pool Masternode Pools - Unlike anything else visit https://mymue.com to see it in action and get your own slice of masternode heaven today

Block Explorers ZeroConfig* You aint ever seen a block explorer system so easy to setup and use, no presync, no complicated forms, no reversing of hashes or anything else, give your coin a config, check the box and hit start, from the instant the explorer is started data is available even for the latest blocks, whilst the database is synchronized quietly in the backend out of order processing allows the platform to get blockdata before the sync does and add it to the database "out of order" seriously its that simple, its also just a little bit thin on additional features

Exchange Does what it says on the tin, full exchange, complete with fees and many other features including a 100% socket delivered interface thats ultra fast and real time

LocalCrypto A simmular module to the website LocalBitcoins, theres a few more features and support for many many many more coins, you could run your own, for example "localdogecoins" etc Easy to setup use and manage

CryptoPayments A Platform very simmular to coin payments, only theres ALOT more features, full support for subscriptions and re-occuring payments one of purchases and much more, full HMAC and SHAII support and the latest protocall standards.

Escrow Services Its escrow whats more is there to say, a nice little module that does nothing but escrow in real time