myMUE 2.0

Global Leader in Masternode Shares Done Right

myMUE 2.0 is class leading software, that since launch has delivered day in day out,
setting the standards for masternode shares our fully automated system wont let you down. allows you to earn passive income from your MUE holdings by depositing as little as 10, 000 MUE. A FULL MasterNode requires 500, 000 MUE. allows you to earn a portion of a full MasterNode by having a 1 / 50th share for each 10, 000 MUE you deposit. The platform takes a small 1 % fee to cover operating costs and is a totally hands free system for the end user;

1) Deposit MUE. (You can get your deposit addreses HERE)

2) Buy a share in the pool. (You can buy shares HERE)

3) Earn passive income.

Get an idea of your passive income earnings from Calc

Dont forget that the staking / masternode rewards have now changed (19/02/2022)

Payouts done for week ending 29/03/2023

You can join our discord server here